Karma Rx – BrazziBots_ Part 4

After Riley’s mysterious disappearance, Jesse Jones arrives at the Brazzibot Laboratory in search of his missing colleague. Expecting a fight, Jesse comes in hot, demanding to see his friend. To his surprise, the lab assistant, Karma RX, is happy to bring him straight to Riley. They enter the lab and Jesse is impressed by the advanced technology. Karma RX tries to convince Jesse that the human race is flawed and asks him to join them as they create a new world ruled by Brazzibots. Jesse becomes uncomfortable with the line of questioning and demands to see Riley when suddenly Nicolette and Lela return to the lab and surround him. With no way out, the Brazzibots convince Jesse to fuck them all with his giant cock. Jesse is no match for their sloppy three way blowjob and dripping wet pussies.

Download Karma Rx in ‘BrazziBots: Part 4’Karma Rx in 'BrazziBots: Part 4'Karma Rx in 'BrazziBots: Part 4'Karma Rx in 'BrazziBots: Part 4'Karma Rx in 'BrazziBots: Part 4'Karma Rx in 'BrazziBots: Part 4'Karma Rx in 'BrazziBots: Part 4'Download Karma Rx in ‘BrazziBots: Part 4’

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